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For the past 12 years, we have been serving the entertainment media industry by creating content for television, providing packaging, creative consulting, post supervision services and more recently have graduated to the realm of

3D projection mapping, Visual Effects for films, Stereo 3D services and many more


We named ourselves Splat and expanded to become more POWERFUL

Powerful enough to let you dream without worrying about the render time... Powerful enough to carry your vision to the next level, faster... Powerful enough to let you imagine, and then play it back, in full resolution.

We are because you wanted us to be!

Imagine .... Render ....Play

Splat Studio, the brain child of Hitesh and Hemkant, is an innovative, efficient and artistic group committed to bringing your imagination to life. We combine talent and technology in a way that is different from anyone else out there, who is ofcourse as small as us but works as big as we do.


The studio recently completed additional visual effects shots for the Telugu feature film 'DAMARUKAM' starring Nagarjuna, and we also created 3D projection mapping solutions for the launch of Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai Verna cars, Tata Indigo, Sumo and Nano Car launches, as well as Oral B Pro-Health product launch.


We are generalists at heart, keeping our fingers in all parts of the process, so we know what it takes to be efficient. The inhouse tools we've developed, which enables us to create 3D projection mapping content without testing it at the actual venue, gives us an edge over others. Our technical excellence is fool proof, and the result is a happy client.

and that puts a smile on our face!

Imagine the possibilities with us, We'll Render it for you to Play in real time

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Green screen plates, Rigged action, Destruction, Previz, Virtual accidents, CG environments, Hi-end Compositing, Clean Plate generation, Concept Arts...

and the list goes on. In a nutshell, we help realize things which are impossible to shoot, or would be too expensive to recreate, or simply dont exist in the world we know. We can create stunning VFX for Television and Films.
Photo realistic 3D, CG Characters, Miniature sets, Physical Simulations, Set extensions, Practical FX

are some of the techniques we combine to achieve the most realistic and aesthetic visuals.

In the Telugu Feature Film DAMARUKAM we created some of the most challanging VFX elements like clouds, mountains and smoke. In one of the TVCs we created the entire car crash sequence digitally, because the actor was not willing to crash the actual car.

Be reasonable with us, only ask for the Impossible!

  • Splat making
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It is a technique that consists of Projecting video images on buildings, facades, structures or nearly any kind of complex surface or 3D object to shatter the viewer's perception of perspective. It creates astonishing optical illusions, a suggestive play of light and turns a physical object into something else by changing its perception of form. Video mapping is quite new and the reason of its success is that the public gets emotionally involved in the show. It is not just "another cool visualization;, but it is surprising and exciting and involves physical as well as virtual space.

With the Hyundai Elantra car launch in Delhi in august 2012 Splat finally showed that India had the capabilities to create the next level of projection mapping, which goes skin deep, quite literally. Within the span of 6 months, we had increased our capabilities to handle projection project on as large as over 10,000 sq. ft. of architectural surface, creating the projection mapping for Fortis Memorial Research Institute , on its building fa├žade in Gurgaon. This project established us as concept driven creative agency, where the content is relevant to the message, without appearing gimmicky, but still uses the power of 3D projection mapping to its full potential. We are also able to create mapping projections on custom made sets as well as create virtual environment for theatrical shows and video installations using mapping projection techniques.

Did some one ask for Holographic Projection? yes we can!

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With capabilities now to produce Stereo 3D content, both digitally created as well as live action shoot we are making progress in setting up a complete production pipeline for this tedious process., We aim to have the productions capabilities in place in the next couple of months. We have completed testings on various techniques, and will soon be unveiling the demos on our website.

We are capable of producing content in

  • Polarized format (for big screenings)
  • Anaglyph red-cyan format (for personal viewings)
  • Side by side format (for 3D televisions)
  • Active Shutter Polarized format (for better color reproduction)
  • Lenticular format (for print or custom displays)

For all practical purposes, we are ready with the basic groundwork, and are days away from being able to do VFX compositing on Stereo content

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We have created so much motion graphics in the past, in the form of
TVCs, Channel IDs, Corporate IDs, Program Packaging, In-Program Graphics, Promos, Logo Animations

Of all the things we do, this we love the most, because it gives us all the freedom to be as crazy as possible.
We are good when we get crazy

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Our production division independently produces corporate films, awareness campaigns, radio campaigns and educational films for clients such as

  • Punj Lloyd
  • Indus Towers
  • ICC Dubai
  • ICCR
  • JK Tyre
  • Microsoft
  • Invest India Micro Pension Services
  • We also have either directed or produced TVCs for

  • Dhoombox
  • Maruti Udyog Ltd
  • WHO
  • Samsung India
  • Map My India
  • Rock Street Journal
  • Dabur India
  • for WHOs "Do not Drink and Drive" campaign, we created 2 TVCs and 4 Radio spots in 3 languages Most of the work we have done is either shot on full HD or RED camera. In Advocacy films, we produced 2 fiction films of 20 min each for Invest India Micro Pension Services Pvt Ltd (IIMPS), shot in Hindi and Tamil, and later dubbed in 13 languages. Earlier we had done another fiction film for IIMPS shot in Hindi and Telugu, on behalf of PFRDA, Govt of India, to promote National Pension Scheme launched by Govt of India

    • Video will be uploaded soon
    Anamorphic content creation
    We can also create 3D illusions through anamorphic images, which can be made into captivating floor graphics, billboard graphics or eye-catching displays, which will give an illusion of 3D. We can customize any existing creative to fit a given venue. If marketing is about getting the eyeballs for your product, we assure you these 3D anamorphic graphics are eyeball magnets
    3D animation

    Many studios produce good quality 3D animations for television and film formats, and we do about similar quality of work. Although we do not take 3D animations as projects, we do create extensive 3D and 2D animations, which are used in visual effects that we produce.
    Visual effects supervision
    VFX supervision services to ensure that VFX shots have been setup correctly, timing and composition is correct and the shots will be ready for post. The director will be able to see the invisible, when we are around
    Data Wrangling
    During the VFX shoot, we stealthily record data like slate data, shot description, camera parameters, lens details, set and other coordinates, lighting schematics, HDRI environment maps, clean plates and reference plates and putting tracking markers, assisting in the Chroma setup are some of the stuff we do to help VFX post production
    Metadata Generation
    After you have shot, you might need to get CG camera matched with the shot camera, you might want some clean plates drawn out from the shoot plate, you may need to get clean mattes from generic or Chroma shots, we are here to help you. We may also be able to help you with matte paintings for the backdrop and create set extensions

    This is the place where you will find the goodiesThe FREE Stuff
    You may also find the things you would want to buy, things that will make your projects look better.
    Templates, Project file, Tips, Plugins, Tutorials, 3D Models, Footage clips, Wallpapers, Blueprints ...

    We enjoy sharing as much as we enjoy creating


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    Middle East Office
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    Feature Film VFX: DAMARUKAM

    Dhamarukamm is a socio-fantasy telugu feature film starring the famous actor Akkineni Nagarjuna, Anushka with special cameo performances from the legendary artist Prakash Raj. The film produced by R R Movie Makers and directed by the leading director Sreenivas Reddy features visual effects contributed by Splat studio

    3D Projection Mapping

    Splat Studio is proud to be a part of Hyundai Fluidic Elantra 2012 Launch 3D Projection mapping in India. The projection mapping on the car is perhaps one of its kind done in India so far, where we not only used the surface, but also tried to show a little bit of the inside. Although far from being perfect, it still took huge amounts of man hours and rendering. We used two Digital Projection Lightening HD 18k lumens projectors, 2 file servers and plenty of Red Bull. the creativity was optional.